Monday, February 4, 2013

Welcome to Fishwizard Press!

Hello! This site is under construction, but will be the place to go to access information and purchase products from Fishwizard Press.

The first publication will be: "Sean Andrew Murray: Sketchbook Collection Volume 01"

Please visit these sites for more information on Sean Andrew Murray's artwork:

Sketchblog and updates:


More coming soon!

- Lord Fishwizard McFishface


  1. Lord Fishward,

    I'm writing to Mr. Murray. I am certain you can reply in his stead.
    Sorry to be a bother, but I wanted to know if you still have a copy of the Wizards book (or have yet to publish it) for a person that was not aware of the existence of such amazing artist and his work. I am interested in the Sketchbook collection too, once it comes out.

  2. Javier-

    The Wizard book is actually not yet available, and is still in production. It is my intention to have the book finished and available for purchase in late summer or very early Fall of this year. The sketchbook will be available in a couple of months (maybe sooner!), and I plan on making it available for purchase, hopefully through this very blog or perhaps through amazon, or something similar... So, stay tuned, and check this site, or subscribe to the site so that you can get updates when the books become available....

    Thanks very much for your interest!